How we made

Published on2020-02-09

Our work :

  • css
  • php
  • prestashop

What's this all about ?

Are the technologies, since it is indeed a set of technologies, grouped under the name of JAMStack, going to be a complete upheaval of web development? Like everyone else, I don't have a crystal ball, or a talent for chiromancy. All I can say today is that these tools offer great flexibility and solutions to bring a fast and ergonomic web to a clientele that until now was resolved to the famous wordpress if not nothing.

Cut the bs, how you did it ?

For the first part, ask your colleagues what they think about it and collect ideas on what the future site should be.

This phase may seem tedious but it is crucial in the implementation of any important project if it is to go well. It cannot be repeated often enough, preparation and planning are the key words in project management.

It's all about process ?

Short answer : yes !

Here we go! We set up tools: a Microsoft Teams for communication, which we organize to share inspirations and good ideas. Of course we organize all this in appropriate channels, we don't put everything in the "general" channel. We set up a github where we can share code, do PR and we choose to put the project forward in our communication.

Of course, each of these choices must be carefully thought out and everything is discussed as a team with a clearly identified deliberative process.

And everything went according the plan ?

We put everything in the "general" channel, never used github, coded it in 2 days and pushed to prod without review cause fuck it, our customers needs us more than we need ourselves.

gatsby build